Bliggity Bloggity

I think I need a less comfortable bed. Getting out of it is becoming an increasingly difficult chore.

I finally logged some NPS (National Park Service) volunteer hours yesterday. No one had been out doing turtle patrols since Thursday because of the storm and pulling the government boats out of the water. So Ian, Zandy (Ian's boss and a crazy island girl like myself) and the interns were headed out top Buck Island and I joined them after a little visit to my favorite beach, Shoy's, earlier in the day.

It was a slightly rainy morning, but the day turned out beautiful. On the boat ride out we saw 4 turtles coming up for air, two were definately greens, but the others were too far away to tell. Once we arrived at the dock, I figured we would split up to do the patrols to save time, especially since all the interns were there and would all be out for normal night patrols. Nope. We all did it together like summer camp or something. Started heading north to west beach and over to north shore where we found a total of 4 activities, though one was an ENL (emerge, no lay). One was from before the storm, three were after. On the way back we saw some huge juvenile lemon sharks (Buck Island is a lemon shark nursery, and these were big juvvies!). We also saw tarpon, needle fish and barracuda. It was cool, the water is so clear on Buck Island that you can see about everything. Good for me, as you won't find me snorkeling or diving - not quite my thing.

Anyhow on the way back from the north patrol we saw some friends of ours out there just having a fun Buck Island Sunday. I miss those... Since Buck is essentially Ian's office, he's not exactly up on being out there for fun. I was tired by the time we returned to the dock and ready to go home, then I remembered we still had south to do. I should have eaten a better breakfast than my fresh veggie juice and leftovers from dinner at Salud the night before (root vegetable gnocci with wild mushrooms and leek cream sauce, yum!). But I drank some water and we marched on to the south shore and over to turtle bay. Lots of activities there, but I just busied myself putting knock-downs back up as my lack of food, hot sun and the exercise of the hike was affecting my rational thinking.

Somewhere along the way, Zandy looked down at what we thought was washed up seaweed and said, "these are shrimp!" And they were. Hundreds of thousands of the tiniest shrimp I have ever seen! The were all about the size and shape of a plump eyelash. They were washed up on every shore except turtle bay - and cooked in the sun. Zandy filled a bag up with them to feed to her ducks (I said she was crazy).

Finally we got back to the boat and Ian drove back to the Marina. I had sun burned and burned out. Now another week begins and I am still exhausted! Where does the time off go?

Ian started his masters program today in St. Thomas, thus begins his year from hell. We'll see if we make it through.


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