Impromptu Day Off...

July was looking to be a great month at work and I have been going it alone with my assistant on her annual summer vacation. I have worked the entire month alone and somehow managed to have my best month so far this year. Of course I know that sales are always significantly better when I am on the floor, but for July to be better than my so called high season months was amazing.

I told myself yesterday if I did in fact beat what was at that point my best month, January, that I would allow myself August 1st off. I have been exhausted and burned out, it has been overwhelming - but good at the same time. Monday wasn't promising with only a couple of sales to speak of and yesterday didn't look much better. However, I made two big sales late afternoon and not only achieved my goal, but surpassed it and nearly doubled it!

So I am enjoying a day off. I did get up early and make some juice, and went into work to do a couple little errands. Truly they could have waited but I was expecting a delivery so I went in for a bit. Of course my delivery came when I was at the bank making a deposit, but he left it at the store next door. I guess I really could have gone without going in at all then, especially since so many people (not customers) asked why I was closed today. I started to feel a little guilty, but I am trying to remind myself that I deserve it.

My next stop was my favorite beach, where I relaxed for an hour and a half. The day was gorgeously clear and I had the whole beach pretty much to myself. The water and sky seemed even bluer than usual, but that may have been partially due to the new polarized shades I purchased this morning after my $14 cheapies fell apart in my hands yesterday. The beach time was just what I needed.

I also celebrated last night by going to my current favorite restaurant, Salud Bistro, for my newest addiction, their Meze Mediterranean Appetizer Platter. It changes daily with an array of dips and teasers like pepperoncini olive tapenade, house made hummus, marinated or herbed feta, smoked tuna salad, white bean salad, smoked eggplant etc... It was delicious and we also had to sample the cheese plate with cheeses from California, Spain, France and Italy. I finally got around to trying their passion fruit jalapeƱo martini. It was a good night, and I didn't even have to pay for dinner since it was my friend's sister's birthday and her father had insisted on paying. It was a good evening.

Now I am off to continue enjoying my leisure...


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