Our First Houseguests!

Who'da thunk that it would take living in our new spacious place in paradise for six months before we had our first visitor! But then, after living here for 13 years (yesterday!) I have had only a few visitors other than those who came for my wedding. Ian's closest friend from Mass was supposed to come down to visit with us since April, but has put it on hold several times because his parents are quite ill and he takes care of them.

So Quincy, a friend of Ian's from the peace corps in Palau, stayed with us for a few days this week along with his lovely new bride Kelly. They have only been married a couple weeks apparently, and were headed to St. Thomas for a wedding, so they stopped over here for a couple days to see the sights and just hang. Very cool and laid back couple, we headed into town on Monday night for our good friend Martin's birthday bash with local celebrity musician Kurt Schindler and managed not to stay out too late. We all chatted for a bit when we got home and Kelly decided to head to bed and I was only a step behind her. When my alarm went off at 7AM, Ian was still not in bed, so I went outside to find the boys on the roof, still awake, still drinking and talking! I am sure it was good for them to catch up, and they were doing the 6PM to 6AM turtle patrol that night, so sleeping all day would be good for them.

I also bribed the newlyweds to be in a promotional photo for my store with some local jewelry goodies. They are a very attractive couple and I love the way the photos came out, despite Ian rushing us to get them out to the Seaplane on their way to St. Thomas.

I think I am going to use the first one in my promos.

...and here I am yelling at Ian for not following directions (while he was rushing and yelling at me) and poor Kelly looks horrified!


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