Good thoughts...

I am leaving today for Miami for a work trip and everything leading up to all of this has been chaos. The end result of the chaos mostly positive, but chaos all the same.

My day yesterday started with a migraine. I have only had one other in my life, so it took me awhile to recognize it. This one was accompanied by more than the watery, blurred vision, dizziness, need to vomit etc.. that I recalled. This time my whole left arm went numb, starting from my thumb and creeping over my fingers to my pinky and up my arm. It felt heavy and out of place for over an hour. I was actually relived to see this was a symptom of a migraine and not something potentially more serious. So of course, a numb hand/ arm didn't help me in getting all I needed to accomplished yesterday, but I suppose it worked out pretty well in the end. My day, however stressful, was profitable. I just need to work my ass of for 4 hours or so today before I head to the airport.

Then on to Miami. I am hoping everything goes smoothly, I am still waiting on something to arrive before I head to the airport this afternoon. If I don't get it, my trip will be severely different. I am not a fan of flying, so please keep me in your thoughts today and wish me safe travels ♥


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