Sicky Nicky

Ugh, I hate being sick. Well I doubt many people like it, but there are some maladies I can take and this nasty flu thing is NOT one of them. So, pardon me while I rant about how shitty I feel.

My nose if sore as hell and swollen from all the blowing. Couple degree fever has me hot and cold and in cold sweats. The pressure in my head is making me feel like it is going to explode and it hurts to keep my eyes open. As soon as I said I didn't think I was sore and achey, the aches kicked in. Someone else I know has been sick with something like this, and could only do small tasks and then she would have to rest. Now this is how I am feeling and I was hoping that I was starting to get better. I am not used to being sick for more than a couple days. Apparently this one sticks around and it hard to kick. My stomach is a mess and is always making noises. I can't tell if I am hungry, though I have pretty much no appetite, sick or gassy. My hip bones have become obvious, so I think this loss of appetite is affecting me.

I carried my laptop into the living room to watch TV while I did some online stuff. That took a lot out of me and when I got settled, I was too exhausted to use the computer so I immersed myself in Sex and the City - though it was that same damn baby shower episode I have seen a million times. It was a good one though, and reminds me always how much I enjoy my childfree life. Even though I'm sure I would learn to love the alternative, it isn't something I am interested in learning. I'll stick to being the fabulous city (or island) gal with fantastic clothes, time to herself and invites to all the best parties.

Ian came home and the playoffs were on so I surrendered control of the television and retreated back into my room carrying my laptop back in with me. Again, so exhausting I had to rest. I gathered up the strength to reply to some blog entries and MySpace stuff and called Marlowe and Jon, two of my close friends who are celebrating their birthdays today. Luckily, I got voice mail on both counts, so they both got messages. I am not sure how much energy I would have had for real phone convos. Then horizontal again, for awhile. This just sucks, I hate not having energy. It makes me incredibly frustrated with myself. I can't handle the simplest tasks, I feel stupid and helpless. Grrrr... Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am off to find a movie to lose myself in.


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