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Kitty Love

I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I got a phone call last night from a young girl staying at the Buccaneer Hotel, saying that she thinks she has been seeing my cat, Sebastian at one of the hotel restaurants at lunch each day. I was shocked! She said she saw my poster at a grocery store, which is interesting, because I had just been thinking as I stopped at that grocery store earlier in the evening, that it was probably useless to have the poster still up. Apparently it is not!

I dropped off a poster at the Beach Office at the Bucc this morning and even the ladies at the desk said he looked familiar. My heart is soaring, but I am afraid to get too confident that his is him. I am going to call the restaurant today and try to stop by as soon as I can.

I miss him so much. Here is the smartest, most dynamic, regal, handsome cat ever: