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Creepy Crawlies

I dreamed on Tuesday night that a giant flying centipede was in the house attacking Ian and I. He however was going after it as I ran away. It was huge, the ones I call "giant desert centipedes", as I most often see them on the dry east end where we live. I told Ian about the dream when he woke up, he had never seen one of these giant hundred-legged monsters, only the "little" green and red ones that are so much more common.

As we came home from dinner last night in the dark since we had not expected to be gone so long and had not left the lights on, with a few bags full of groceries, I mentioned the centipede again joking that I hope there aren't any lurking in the darkness. As soon as the porch light was on, he appeared. The giant desert centipede I dreamed about (minus the flying part thankfully). Gross. It was Ian's first experience with this type of huge arthropod and he grabbed our conveniently placed "centipede block" and smashed it.

I stood …