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Peaceful and Positive

As I drove home from work tonight the last golden rays of the sun were reaching out, draping the east end in warm, amber goodness. It was delicious. I pressed the gas pedal harder to make it up my rocky driveway about 4 seconds faster than usual. I wanted to shower and come outside to enjoy it. I missed most of the setting, but sat down to enjoy the watercolor brush strokes ranging from pastel to electric. They continue to fade as I type. The sky de-saturates, drained of its once vivid hues. The pillar in front of me divides the sky into blue and yellow, hiding the silky silver sliver of a moon. I can almost distance myself from my familiar surroundings, making them feel unfamiliar and new again, paradise reborn. A bottle of Riesling chills in the fridge and a half full (or is it half empty?) glass sits in the cobalt wine glass beside my keyboard. The world is quiet, a single bird flits about in front of my house, in the distance a dog barks and another answers, the smell of freshly c…