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What time off does to Nicole...

I haven't worn a watch since who knows when. I had to search for it just now as I got ready for my board meeting.

I haven't worn makeup in nearly two weeks! and I nearly forgot how to apply it.

All my "daytime" undies are clean as I have been living in the comfy boy shorts I sleep in! (yes, more than one pair!)

At the risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, these are good things!

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

This week has been my vacation and honestly, I have had a hard time with it! Not having a purpose everyday has been hard, allowing myself to do whatever I want has been hard. Trying to do the things I thought I wanted to do on vacation has been confusing. Who knew time off could be so difficult? My biggest fear is that I am going to go back to work and regret what I did or did not do with my time off. For me, free time is so precious!

That all said, I have been just relaxing, which I am trying to convince myself is the most important thing. Tuesday was the last day I had work to do, and it was finished by 11:30, so I did a little grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and made it to dance class. Wednesday and Thursday were then free days and I spent most of Wednesday inside because it was rainy. How lovely it was though! I love rainy days, especially when I can loaf around the house and do nothing! Yesterday I spent a couple hours at the beach. I did some reading, and just some thinking. …