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What time off does to Nicole...

I haven't worn a watch since who knows when. I had to search for it just now as I got ready for my board meeting.

I haven't worn makeup in nearly two weeks! and I nearly forgot how to apply it.

All my "daytime" undies are clean as I have been living in the comfy boy shorts I sleep in! (yes, more than one pair!)

At the risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, these are good things!
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Vacation, all I ever wanted...

This week has been my vacation and honestly, I have had a hard time with it! Not having a purpose everyday has been hard, allowing myself to do whatever I want has been hard. Trying to do the things I thought I wanted to do on vacation has been confusing. Who knew time off could be so difficult? My biggest fear is that I am going to go back to work and regret what I did or did not do with my time off. For me, free time is so precious!

That all said, I have been just relaxing, which I am trying to convince myself is the most important thing. Tuesday was the last day I had work to do, and it was finished by 11:30, so I did a little grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and made it to dance class. Wednesday and Thursday were then free days and I spent most of Wednesday inside because it was rainy. How lovely it was though! I love rainy days, especially when I can loaf around the house and do nothing! Yesterday I spent a couple hours at the beach. I did some reading, and just some thinking. I am well into The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf. It is really wonderful and enforces many of the arguments for women's equality I have always stood by, including the fact that women are still the group that is the most discriminated against though that discrimination is the least recognized. Most people I tell that to look at me as though I have five heads, but it is honestly true. The book is awesome.

Everyday I have been juicing, mainly my veggie blend (tomato, carrot, cucumber, celery) or carrot, apple, ginger. I love how quiet it is here and how beautiful. The ocean is brilliant blue and the banana palm outside dances in the breeze. I can lock the cats in the bedroom (where it is cooler during the day anyway) and open the huge double doors that look out to the valley and the Caribbean Sea. It is yummy. It is also secluded, which I find a positive during the day and a negative at night. Tuesday, I walked around in only my underwear until I decided to put a shirt on around 2pm. This morning, I juiced and made breakfast naked, only putting on clothes when I decided to open the doors.

Today I renewed my subscription to Bitch! Magazine, I have missed it and so I ordered the two back issues I missed as well. I tried to order a couple feminist shirts but the checkout wasn't working so I sent them an email. This evening I have a board meeting at the dance school and Ian has to stay in St. Thomas because he is diving today and cannot fly home after diving. Tomorrow night I get to go to my favorite restaurant, Salud Bistro (which finally re-opened a couple weeks ago!), for my friend Sandy's one year anniversary on the island. It is a girls only night and should be fun, I have missed my Mediterranean "meze" platter and jalapeño martinis!

Now back to enjoying my quiet valley afternoon.
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