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Random island 'tings

I was at the post office this morning and much to my surprise, I had two package slips in my mailbox! I was expecting my dancewear order with new canvas ballet shoes and delicious shiny satin pointe shoes (there is nothing like the smell of a new pair of pointe shoes), but the other package was a mystery. I would have about fallen over backwards if my contact lenses had arrived so quickly. Though I ordered them the same day I did my dance stuff, the contact lens people ship parcel post or something ridiculous. They used to ship priority mail and charge less for shipping to the VI. Now we have all of a sudden become "international" and so I pay more money in shipping for crappier service - and still through USPS to boot! Makes no sense. But back to what amused me...

The lady at the post office was talking to a co-worker about a computer shortcut - they recently got new computers and software at the local POs. When I still lived at home, I would sometimes hang out with my very cruzan neighbors, drink beer, smoke pot, bullshit, whatever. They used to always talk about this place in the bush where they would, yes, drink beer, smoke pot and bullshit. They used to tease me and my friends about our stateside accents, and would try to imitate us though they always sounded like they had a southern accent, kind of an insult to this New Englander! Most West Indians don't differentiate between the different stateside accents, i.e.; southern, New England, New York/ New Jersey, Mid west etc... to them we all sound the same. In the same fashion, statesiders who have not been here very long can't generally tell between accents from the different islands, i.e.; Jamaica (biggest mistake), St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Dominca, St. Vincet, Nevis and a few others. I've gotten better with the accents, though it helps that I employ a Kittician (from St. Kitts) and she has educated me on the differences.

But back to my neighbors. I always heard them refer to this place as the "shark hut", or so I thought. One day, I asked a question about this shark hut, and of course after how ever much beer and pot, they all started laughing their asses off at me. Apparently this "shark hut" was actually something they called the shortcut, as it was a shortcut between two of the roads in Estate Mount Washington, down the street from where I lived. Their thick accents made it sound, to an inexperienced ear, as though they were calling it the shark hut. So post office lady gave me a good chuckle, and I'm sure she thought I was just smiling politely at her, but I was laughing inside. Recently, I ran into the same neighbor at the beach and he had lost his wedding ring. I went and snorkeled around and found it for him. It is nice that we still have a decent relationship, though there have been issues with that neighboring family ever since we moved to the island, but I don't live near them anymore - my mom does >:)

Oh! and the mystery package turned out to be my order from the Feminist Majority! I am know the proud owner of these t-shirts:

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