Simple Pleasures

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 6, but decided it was not yet time to get up, my bed felt too good, so I snoozed the alarm and finally got up around 6:30. I didn't really feel the desire to walk that I had the night before, but I got myself up and ready anyway and headed out the door. The air was crisp and cool for the Caribbean and the sun was just beginning to climb in the gray sky. I took it all in, breathing deeply and falling into a comfortable, brisk stride. The terrain wasn't ideal once I left the safety of my driveway and neighborhood, but I made do, walking on the grassy roadside when the few vehicles passed me, mostly construction workers beginning their days so early. After about 15 minutes I got to a place where the ocean was visible and no longer obstructed with the large houses that sit along Cotton Valley shores. The sun was climbing higher in the sky as I continued on my way around the slightly twisty and hilly roads on the north shore. At what seemed like a perfect halfway mark, I stopped on the hill overlooking the St. Croix Yacht Club, where the sun sparkled on the water dancing beside the many boats sitting quietly in the small bay. I stretched my arms upward and inhaled a few times, feeling alive and energized, then began my journey back the way I had come. The return trip boasted a nicer view, as I walked with the ocean on my right, and Buck Island National Monument accompanied me on my way. My morning excursion took about 45 minutes, and was a great beginning to the day.

Once home I decided I wanted some fresh juice, and had just what I needed for some yummy carrot, apple ginger. I made my juice and even cleaned the juicer. Then moved onto coffee and eggs for breakfast and prepared my lunch for the day - leaving the kitchen mostly clean. It is nice to come home to a clean house, and everything just the way I left it.

I am actually feeling a little tired after such a busy morning, and all before 9am, but I am sure my second wind will kick in soon. I am off to finish up some repairs and dive into some new pieces.


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