Date with myself!

Tonight I planned a date with myself. This afternoon I bought myself some nice dark chocolate and got some for my girlfriend as well, which I delivered to her at her downtown shop where we both enjoyed a late afternoon glass of Cabernet/ Shiraz. Then I did some errands and made it home, where I tidied up the apartment - just as if I was having company or a "real" date - and started on dinner. I was showered and wearing my most favorite lounging attire, I opened my wine and began to cook: Moroccan Eggplant with Garbanzo Beans, leaving out the raisins. The ingredients just looked amazing as I began that I had to take a picture, inspired by my friend Ruthie's post from not long ago.

Here is my evening:

... and it was lovely. Though I did end up with a plane ticket to Tampa in exactly one week. I may not put out, but I do lavish myself with nice gifts.


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