Fairytale - Sara Bareilles

I really am in love with Sara Bareilles, well, her music that is. "Fairytale" has made its way into my favorites category. I hate fairytales and Disney type movies that sell little girls, from a young age, on the notion that there is some perfect man out there, some knight in shining armor, on a white horse, some prince charming to sweep us off our feet and make it all okay. This certainly doesn't help the already troubled waters of romantic relationships. Perhaps I am just jaded. I honestly think I have given up on love. I don't believe in happy endings. Cynical indeed.

But her song amuses me to no end. I am especially fond of the Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel references.


Cinderella's on her bedroom floor
She's got a
Crush on the guy at the liquor store
Cause Mr. Charming don't come home anymore
And she forgets why she came here
Sleeping Beauty's in a foul mood
For shame she says
None for you dear prince, I'm tired today
I'd rather sleep my whole life away than have you keep me from dreaming

'cause I don't care for your fairytales
You're so worried about the maiden though you know
She's only waiting on the next best thing

Snow White is doing dishes again cause
What else can you do
With seven itty-bitty men?
Sends them to bed and calls up a friend
Says will you meet me at midnight?
The tall blonde lets out a cry of despair says
Would have cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair
I'll have to find another tower somewhere and keep away from the windows

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom
Man made up a story said that I should believe him
Go and tell your white knight that he's handsome in hindsight
But I don't want the next best thing
So I sing and hold my head down and I break these walls round me
Can't take no more of your fairytale love

I don't care
I don't care
Worry bout the maiden though you know
She's only waiting spent the whole life being graded on the sanctity of patience and a dumb appreciation
But the story needs some mending and a better happy ending
Cause I don't want the next best thing
No no I don't want the next best thing


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