Settlling down and creating chaos

Life is going well. I am moved into my new place and more and more boxes get unpacked everyday. My kitchen is pretty much complete now, that was the biggest project. There are really very few boxes left to unpack, but a few piles lying around needing attention. Then some light cleaning to be done all around. I am really enjoying my new place - so much. It is quiet and peaceful and beautiful. It has been windy lately, but I think I will always have a bit of a breeze there. I look around my walls and just smile. I am happier than I have been in a long time. Really happy, genuinely happy. Not superficially happy because of the many things I am known to distract myself with. Real. Happy. Content.

I got up this morning to walk/ run and it rained on me a bit but I didn't care. I think I found a route that will work for me. It felt great to get out in the fresh air again. I just feel so much better throughout the day when I get out there first thing. I also plan to get to dance class tonight, it will be the first time this week and my attendance will soon be suffering again because... I auditioned for another show and got a part! CCT - Caribbean Community Theater is putting on the show "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers" about a middle aged man who attempts to have an affair - unsuccessfully and awkwardly - with three (very) different women. I initially auditioned for the part of sexy, self-absorbed, young Bobbi Michele but ended up with the role of experienced, married, sexually forward Elaine Navazio. I like the role actually, and I do think I can pull it off better than the Bobbi part. I could have done either honestly, but I think I am going to enjoy Elaine more. Soooo... more chaos as we have one month until opening night. Rehearsals start on Monday - I am excited though! The director was in Chicago with me and I am not sure who got the man's part, but it will also be one of my Chicago cast mates. Theater is so addicting!

Rainy day and I have lots of work to do. Time to get on it!


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