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Jewelry Stuffs

Well, I spent my day off working on my website for the store. I re-built it from the "ground" up several months back. I don't put many of my works on the site because it is time consuming and takes a lot to manage, at least the e-commerce part, and truly most people aren't all for buying higher end jewelry via the net. But for a long time I have wanted to get my "designs by Nicole" page up. It is more a portfolio than anything, as I try to photograph all of my designs before they walk out the door. I don't always achieve this of course, but I got quite a few of my custom and commissioned works up. It is still (and always will be) a work in progress. I want to add more in depth descriptions to some of them.

But for those of you who have wanted to see some of my recent creations, here you go:

Designs by Nicole