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Up at 3AM and finally feeling like I can sleep. I watched a movie this evening, read some of my new and old books and felt my eyes begin to close. However when it became time for me to sleep, sleep was nowhere to be found. So I tried reading again, my newest book from my newest addiction, Bookswim. Yes, I realize it sounds like I need to get a life, but I have one, a newer version of the old one, and I am enjoying it immensely.

Reading on in my book I felt inspired to make a blog post, but being the control freak that I am, I knew I couldn't post a blog entry until I fixed the photo codes on my layout. So of course I did, and then not only replaced the images, but enhanced everything and finally fixed my calendar/ archive. Now I am too tired to post! I will come back to it another day, though finding time these days isn't happening much. Not enough hours in the day, even when I stay up until 3AM.