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On this, the 36th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, I signed up to "Blog for Choice" along with fellow pro-choice American bloggers, devoting at least one post today to the topic of reproductive rights and specifically to my personal hopes for our new President and/ or Congress in the pro-choice arena.

I think many people do not understand that pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. No woman wants an abortion as she wants a luxury item, but rather as a last resort when continuing a pregnancy is not in the best interest of mother and/ or child. Nationwide, worldwide, we hear stories of egregious child abuse and neglect, children being forced into calamitous situations and lifestyles and growing up in foster homes and other less than ideal conditions. Overpopulation is taxing the environment and the economy, we are all needing to work faster and harder to keep up with the demands of our society on our natural and national resources. Every child must be a wanted child. But these may be a few of the more fact based arguments for choice. Personally, my life would be very different had I not been able to make the choice that 1 in 3 women will make by the time they are 45, and the choice I hope women in America will always be able to make for themselves.

We have a pro-choice president. The sentence alone gives me chills, much as so many other milestones with the newly elected country leader have. My hope for the new administration is that they will allow and encourage health care educators and providers to give American women of all ages, backgrounds and economic classes fair and balanced information about contraception and abortion and better, more affordable access to both. Education is an important step in the process, starting at the very beginning with sex education not promoting abstinence, onto contraception and also honest and truthful information about pregnancy options and abortions.

We have come so far, yet still have far to go.


Wreggie said…
Beautiful! I luvs fine eating. This looks so nice.

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