Earth, wind, water and brush fire...

I took today off, as this is a busy weekend for "Evita", with three performances; Friday and Saturday nights, and then a Sunday matinee. Being sober, I went home early last night and woke up at a decent hour this morning. First there were errands to be done, then I headed out to my beach, Ha'penny, for a walk and a little relaxation.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I felt delight throughout my body as I walked down the white sand beach. Perhaps there is love in the air, being Valentine's Day and all, but for whatever reason, I felt beyond ecstatic. The sun warmed my bare skin (I have taken to wearing strapless tops to even out tan lines when I walk) and the delicious Caribbean breeze tickled it - not too cold and not to warm - balmy, perfect. I walked along the water's edge as always and looked down at my feet as the gentle waves came up to meet them. I almost had to pinch myself, this is really my life.

On my way back however, I noticed smoke coming from somewhere else on the South Shore. I listened to some southern sounding tourists decide that the oil refinery was on fire, laughing to myself as I knew full well the refinery was further off, and if it was in fact burning like that, we all may as well kiss our asses goodbye. It was about time for me to head out, stopping on my way back to the car to snap a photo. I thought about leaving the camera at home today, and was glad I didn't. The route I took as I left the beach took my right by the fire, a good half of South Shore road was blocked off my the fire trucks, but I was turning to head over to the North Shore anyway. Heading over towards the north, I saw what had already burned as well as patches of flames here and there along the open fields of the south shore. I pulled out my camera to get some photos, I don't think the car behind me was too keen on that, however. A bit further up I stopped again, as there was a decent sized bush on fire and I could not pass in my lane. I thought to take a picture, but as the smell, heat and lapping flames drew closer - my heart beating harder in my chest and the adrenaline beginning to pump through my body - I decided it was a better idea to put down the camera and get the hell outta dodge.

The South Shore experiences such fires frequently, especially during dry spells. Over ten years ago nearly the entire shoreline caught fire, I remember driving down the road at night and feeling like I was in an IMAX film, totally unreal.


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