Saying goodbye...

I consider myself fortunate to live on such a beautiful and unique island. In this small community, it is hard to retain anonymity. This is concerning for some, not so much for others. Doing what I do, I meet a lot of people, some I really cannot stand, some I can take or leave and some always bring a smile to my face because of the complex and interesting people they are. One of my long time customers, a women who would bring me her old jewelry to repair, passed away in January. I rarely read the obituaries, but on this one particular Sunday, I did, and found that the little lady who called herself "Tommy" had died.

It made my heart heavy, though she was 85 years old. Always in good spirits when she would come in with her various pieces for cleaning or reparation, she never forgot my name, as she had a granddaughter named Nicole. I would even see her drive by the shop from time to time, and she would always look in and wave.

People pass on and we don't get to say our goodbyes sometimes, but I knew she was someone I would remember for years to come. Not long ago, a lady brought in some pieces of jewelry for repair and being as busy as I was, told her I couldn't finish them before she left, but upon inspection of the items I changed my mind telling her I could probably squeeze her jobs in. I am still unsure why I made such an exception - not something I normally do. As I wrote up the repair slip I recognized the woman's last name. Rijos. She was here for her mother's funeral. The pieces I was repairing were those of my old friend "Tommy". Well now in hindsight I see why something pushed me to make the exception.

I told her of how much I enjoyed her mother, how she always brought a smile to my face and how she spoke of her granddaughter Nicole. As I repaired her jewelry again - and for possibly the last time - I felt as though I was able to say my goodbyes to Ms. Rijos.

Upon reading the obituary again, I realized that one of her grandsons, Micah is performing in Evita with me. What a small world, and island, indeed.


TerryC said…
This is a great post. On so many levels.
Nicole said…
Thanks :)

Appropriate day to comment as well, as I had a day that reminded me again of such synchronicity.

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