Growing up or getting old?

Yeah, something like that.

Reason #1: Things I once enjoyed no longer seem fun. I went out this weekend, for the first time in awhile where it wasn't just a quick post-Evita cameo. The Buzz's birthday bash at the Brew Pub was packed as hell, loud and drunk. Not really my scene anymore, give me a glass of wine at Zebo's or a martini at Tutto anyday.

Reason #2: I see a cute guy in the bar and realize he is ten years younger than me. FUCK. Do I still think I am 19? Or do I just have a thing for younger men? Okay don't answer that.

Reason #3: My body is changing, hurrah. Gravity is setting in, muscle tone and skin elasticity aren't what they used to be... *sigh* guess it is time I start really taking care of myself, before I start to look my age. At least people still pretend I look like I am in my early 20's.

Reason #4: I am looking forward to things like buying my own place and establishing a real identity, rather than the next party and what I'll be doing this weekend.

Reason #5: I am in bed by 10 if not earlier most nights. Yes I am headed there now.

The best part though, is that I can finally deal with all of the above, laugh at it, and know that I wouldn't go back to the younger version of myself, because I wouldn't know nearly what I do now.



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