Alcohol free April, Saturn and Nostalgia

Today is day 8 of my sobriety. I am not sure how long a stint it will be, but for now I am going for a month. Alcohol free April. I am feeling great, clear-headed and working on getting back into dancing shape for the Spring Gala we at Pointe Dance are putting on first weekend in June. I've got two months, and I want to be in fantastic shape. After all, there is a chance this will be my last performance with PDA for awhile. My PCOS seems to be flaring up a bit, but I hope with enough good food, exercise and no booze, I can quiet that down.

Plans for my next step and the bigger picture are ever growing and changing. I will figure it out as I go, for once in my life I am okay without having a set-in-stone plan. I feel more free and positive than I have in awhile, perhaps ever. I know that the next step in my journey will be an exciting one, no matter what I choose to do. I am ready for some self-enrichment, looking to be re-inspired and discover new and different things. I going to cross each bridge as I come to it, and make the best decisions for me, allowing plenty of room for spontaneity and new experiences. It seems my Saturn return is taking place, and it is the best thing I have experienced in ages.

St. Croix, where do I begin. The more I accept that my days here are numbered, the more I love the island. In so many ways this feeling reminds me of the end of a relationship. There are so many memories, so many stories, so much of me here and so much of here in me. This is my island, it has made and broken me, and put me back together again. There will be much time for reflection, and many St. Croix stories to come. I have learned in the past few years to really appreciate this beautiful place and not take it for granted, now I think I savor each moment even a bit more.

This is a photo I took of St. Croix's west end from Captain Al's plane on our way back from a trip to Virgin Gorda, BVI. My mother treated me to a vacation there in October, to which she practically had to drag me kicking and screaming. Now I am really glad she made me go, it is a beautiful place. I'd like to see more of those (beautiful places and British Virgins)

This is mom, a picture I took on her birthday as we began the celebration at Ha'Penny beach. I am going kayaking to Buck Island on Friday with her and her hubby, weather permitting (it will) and I am going to see dolphins (I am).


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