these are the moments...

Last Saturday evening, under the starry night sky, beside a glowing fire, with some of the most amazing women I know, I was introduced to the world of drum circles. Steve Turner of Giving Tree Music is one of those amazing, inspirational and dynamic individuals who moves you with his presence alone. He taught us that, "drumming is easy!" and warned us of an important rule, "if you aren't drumming, you'd better be dancing!"

We drummed and chanted and smiled at one another through the fire's flames and through our own tears. Our youngest drummer, age 4, started dancing, and a few followed suit. I was frightened at the prospect of dancing without choreography, and to music with which I wasn't familiar, but in an instant I saw a vivid picture in my mind - it was me, dancing freely in the fire's light, beneath the stars. The music filled my body, I've always said I don't listen to music, I FEEL it, and this was no exception. I felt the drum beats in my body and soul, I started slow but soon felt as if the music was moving me, it was beyond amazing. I didn't care who was watching me or who wasn't, I didn't care what the dance looked like, I lived in that moment and danced my heart out - un-choreographed, un-planned, just free. It was the best dance of my life, because it was for nobody else but me.

Our little drummer girl began to jump, simply jump up and down to the music and I liked that idea. I caught her eye and we began to jump together, one of my sisters, Lindsey, joined in as well and we jumped up and down together, in a circle, laughing, smiling, feeling. We were just three, 4-year-olds, having fun, being free and letting go. It was one of the best moments of my life.


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