Crucian Summer

Crucian summer is here, the air is getting warmer and sweeter and there is beauty all around. Brilliant colors delight the senses and delicate breezes lightly tickle the skin. I recently described crucian summer to a friend as "hot and humid, but clear and beautiful as well." I'm sticking with that too.

It really is a beautiful day today and I am a bit bummed that I cannot enjoy it more, but I'm off the the theater shortly for rehearsals. The show must go on.

I did however get up early this morning and drag myself to the beach. I figured the water, sand and sun would be a good remedy for the slight hangover I'm not supposed to have. Oh well, I had a couple shots last night during a CRAZY busy night at the Pickled Greek as we celebrated one year in business. It was a great time, I really love that place and the people. So happy for "Papi", one of my adopted island fathers!

Ha'penny beach (because do I even bother with any other beaches? ...NO)
was exceptionally beautiful today, calm, clear, flat, sparkling (the last two would be an oxy-moron if it was like water you were ordering at a fancy restaurant) water, dazzling blue skies and perfect puffy white clouds. I walked to my regular spot on the beach in front of my dream home (think it used to be a hotel) and as I looked back on the strip of beach I had just walked, the scene literally took my breath away. This island still does that to me, and perhaps now more than ever. I really love this place, and regardless of where my journey takes me in the near future, I know I will wind up back here in some capacity before too long.

Happy Sunday.


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