Flat Nicole goes to Buck Island

Flat Nicole has started a journey much like Flat Stanley. At SOAR SPA (Something Positive Afterward) one of the exercises we did was to have a partner trace the outline of our bodies on butcher paper. It was very powerful for me, being a young(ish) woman in this society and living with body issues for as long as I can remember. Anyhow, my drawing became "Flat Nicole". Flat Nicole accompanied us to Skydive City in Zephyrhills and then she came home with me from Florida, taking her first plane flight. My friends requested pictures of Flat Nicole at the gorgeous beaches on St. Croix, so when I my mother invited me to go kayaking to Buck Island with her and her husband for Mothers' Day, I knew Flat Nicole should make the trip as well.

The kayak trip was great, much calmer than last time, so it was a bit easier without the rough seas. I got lots of sun again, and a good leg work out. Plus this time I didn't fall off the kayak (however there were also no cute boys this time around to fall off in front of). We made bets on how many turtles we would see, and I won with a total of 6 seen. It was a beautiful day and I splashed around in the exceptionally clear water at Buck like a little kid, I think "little Nikki" came out again to play and she had a great time. The colors were so vibrant, everything looked almost too good to be true, but it wasn't, it was real, it is the beautiful life I live. I saw a man laying in the sand, just flat on his back in the sand, and I thought that was a phenomenal idea, so I followed suit. The warm, white grains of sand felt so good on my bare skin and I made sand angels and admired the way the sand stuck to my wet hair (not caring about what a nightmare it would be to get them out later).

I felt free, alive, ecstatic. Life is good!


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