Happy Friday

It has been a phenomenal week. I am happy, smiling. Life is good! Today I get to go to work and have a "play day"! This is what happens when I get to play:

Two play days in fact, today and tomorrow, as I have finished all my chores (repairs) and this island Cinderella can go to the ball (play with sparkly rocks and fancy metals). Of course this probably means that I will be bombarded with customers and no time to do my fun art jewelry projects as I anticipate. That's cool, I like making money. I like making art more though. I guess I really am an artist, that's why so many of us are starving and need to get jobs in our like-third-adopted-island-father's restaurant in order to buy groceries and gas. But you know what? I am happier than I have EVERBEENINMYLIFE!

Dream flashback: my landlords raised my rent again and I watched two airplane crashes. Hmmmmph.

I am probably a horrible cat-mommy, no, I pretty much know I am. I am never home, but cats are supposed to be independent creatures, right?! Mine's needy, go figure, he's a male. Anyhow, I went out to get food for myself last night (and cooked a delightful vegetarian cream of cauliflower soup with mushrooms) and I totally forgot to buy cat food. So, lucky-ducky (orange)Crush gets TUNAFISH for the second day in a row, which he pukes up in the middle of the night and that is always something fun to wake up to. This morning, no food. Sorry Crush, I'll get you some really soon, but you have plenty of "reserves" to keep you going and I know you aren't using the elliptical when I am not home, nor getting much exercise in your painstaking lumberings from room to room. So in lieu of food this morning, I got my cat high. I keep catnip around for those days when this cat-mommy needs a break. I figure if he's high he won't think about food. Wrong. Guess cat-nip is like pot, now I think he has the munchees (yes i know I spelled that wrong but I like it).

I've been realizing the power of color lately. I'm feeling yellow and orange, which interestingly enough were always my least favorite colors. I am seeing the world sort of like those photographs where the artist mutes most of the colors, pulling out one primary hue? I see this in my real frame of vision lately. No joke. So.Cool. No! I'm not even on drugs, in fact, this is better than any drug I have ever done. Real life ecstasy, and I thought that "high on life" idea was bullshit, whoddathunk?!

I have also started reading thebloggess.com, as suggested by Steph and I am hooked. The woman writes the way I think, in run-on sentences that never seem to end. I love it, and she has inspired me to not censor my run-ons with restrictive punctuation. Thanks blogess.


TerryC said…
Poor kitty! Needy! Because he needs food to eat!

Poor Crushie!
Nicole said…
Have you met Crush?

He's got plenty of stores around the mid-section and can afford to go without breakfast for one day. I've had to do it recently too... good thing I currently have some of those same reserves, hmmmph.

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