In Living Color

An amazing thing happened to me recently. Coinciding (not-surprisingly) with my new openness and awakening, I have begun to see color. Really see color. I have always had a keen eye for color and slight nuances in shades, which has been an extremely valuable tool in my career as a gemologist, because of the need to identify and separate very slight color gradients. This “living in color” thing began when a friend of mine in Florida explained that the only way she could think of to describe how she was feeling was “yellow”. It was funny at first, but upon discovering what the color yellow symbolizes, the idea began to grow and take on a whole new meaning.

Upon returning home from my amazing trip to Florida, which truly opened up my heart, soul and vision in ways I could have never imagined, colors began to jump out at me everywhere! It was/ is simply amazing. The whole world at first began to look like a photograph where the artist purposely mutes all but one primary hue, and that one hue stands out against everything else in the photo. Yellow popped out first, followed by orange, then red. I realized I was seeing the primary colors, colors of the spectrum which are also the colors associated with the seven chakras. It continued through the seven main chakra colors and of course the revelations that came with each color I re-discovered were infinitely appropriate.

The reds of the beautiful flowers that boast contrast to their complimentary lush greens around the island, yellows and oranges join in. Blues of the sky and the ocean, both seeming and feeling like worlds of their own. Cheerfully painted houses with accenting shutters, even the varying hues of the cars I pass on my way to work each day. I walked to the post office in the early morning sun and wondered about the other colors, until I was greeted with the smiling face of one of town’s familiar ladies, with flowers in her hair and her signature thick purple framed glasses. She sat beside a car with the most glowing indigo paint I have ever seen. I felt the energy build inside me and couldn’t help but smile brightly for the rest of the day.

With my new color awareness I have also re-discovered some great music, the Indigo Girls and my old Lilith Fair(WHICH IS COMING BACK IN 2010!!!!) CDs, including an old favorite, Dar Williams. It has also lead me to re-research Indigo Children, and a friend’s wedding at the Botanical Gardens yesterday was absolutely stunning and in brilliant color. Here is their cake:
Turning to colors builds me up again, I can feel the energy and vibrations they give off. I have seen these colors around me for years, but I have finally begun to really feel the power in a new and phenomenal way. I am embracing the energy of the beautiful colors around me, and it is a brilliant experience. I am living not only in color, but in high definition, smiling to myself as each hue delights my senses and energizes my spirit. It’s really almost too good to be true, but true it is.


Shannon said…
I love Dar Williams!

Enjoy living in color. Maybe I'll try it sometime ;)
TerryC said…
Cute cake!

Glad you're enjoying colors again. Your bleak black and brown phase was pretty depressing.

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