Meet Victor

Victor is one of Christiansted's more, shall we say, eccentric residents. When I was still in high school I remember finding him sleeping at the bus shanty in Watergut where my sister and I had to wait for the bus to take us out west to Good Hope. Once I began working in town, Victor became a familiar face, and this year, he has begun to pay me daily visits in the store. He has told me that if I ever need a boyfriend, that he is available, but only if I behave properly. That's nice to know. He has also informed me that he wishes to get married twice, to which I told him that means he has to get divorced at least once. That is fine with him, he said he would sign divorce papers. I think he is hinting at making me one of those wives.

Home for Victor is on the stairwell above the Bombay Club, as far as I know. I accidentally came over uninvited late one night, while out with the girls. My friend got a bit emotional, so I told her to follow me up stairs where we could chat in peace without people walking by wondering why on earth she was crying. I caught our friend Vic with his pants down, literally, and turned and ran down the stairs as fast as I could. Apparently, he is a bit of a flasher. Not really a quality I look for in a husband.

Victor thinks my girlfriend Sidney and I are sisters, he thinks so because we told him this. It works, and he cautions me that he sees my sister out late a lot, drinking alcohol and tells me I should be sure that she stays away from the Night Train. He also thinks I am the younger one. I like that.

Conspiracy theories are Vic's specialty. He believes that if you give away your phone number, you are giving away your identity, he speaks of having to transform and collaborate but I really just think he likes using big words. He told me that because I use a computer to connect to the internet with a phone number, that people out there can steal my identity. I sort of believe him. We can become different people and lose ourselves in our online presence, I certainly believe that having taken some time away from the distraction of the online realm. Perhaps I shall heed Victor's warning.

He also tells me I look more beautiful when I am not drinking booze. I agree Victor, I wholeheartedly agree :)


Anonymous said…
oh this is brilliant! i see a series forming would actually be very interesting to get the real stories behind the whole flock of christiansted "mayors".
great post kiddo. can't believe he let you take his photo! i have been accused more than once of stealing their souls....and chased down the street because of it (hence the huge zoom lens i now have) i just can't run as fast as i used to.
oh, and by the way - victor tells me i am beautiful all the time and i always thank him (hey, i take what i can get). keith on the other hand, has been known to blurt out "fat bitch!!!!!" as i walk by. it's only towards the end of the month when he is out of his meds so i do my best to avoid him at all costs....
Nicole said…
Hmm... competition for Victor eh? At least he has good taste.

Funny you mention the soul stealing, because I thought Vic would indeed accuse me of that, but instead he struck a pose! The scene would have become nasty had I asked for his phone number. And of course, I am sure he has one.

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