For my birthday...

Some of you may know, I do not like to accept birthday gifts, at least not material ones. Instead, I prefer to spend my birthday with people I love and the people who inspire me and have been important parts of my life over the years. YOU make the difference in my life. SO, for my birthday, this is the only thing I am asking for:

Leave me a comment to this entry, with a memory, compliment, comment, joke, inspiration, SOMETHING that we have done together, or something you want to tell me or say to me. The only thing I ask is that they be NICE things. Nasty comments will be deleted, hell it's my birthday and my blog. I can do that. They can be embarrassing and/ or funny, you should all know I have a sense of humor and am known to throw myself under the bus from time to time. Vibrator stories will grace the blog soon, so pretty much anything goes here. Just nothing that will get me arrested. Wasn't that better than spending money? Reminds me of a MasterCard commercial I once saw...


Now go!


Daniel said…
Well love, for your birthday I would like to wish you unlimited happiness and clarity of being.

We often spend time searching for answers only to realize as time goes by that there are none to be found thru seeking just discovered thru experience.

Learn from living and love with your entire being and bliss will continue to find you.
Don't you just love that word.. Blissssssssssssssssss!!

Go Go Gadget Shoe Saw!!!
tjwesson said…
I will never forget the moment I turned to see you walking into that room on the first night of SPA. I remember knowing...not thinking, but knowing...that we would make a deep and meaningful connection and that my life would be changed for the better. I had an amazing time with you over those next 4 days...Hamburger Mary's, skydiving at Z-Hills, the drum circle, sleeping with you in the inflatable mattress, sharing packs of cigarettes, inventing new words (e.g. ballericious), laughing and crying together, and always knowing that someone had my back whenever the truth was difficult to expose and discuss. You truly are a sister to me, and I love you dearly!

Nicole said…
Daniel - Thank you! You were also my first phone call of the day and the first to sing to me!

Shannon!!! My big sis! I could have written the exact same thing about you. I knew we would be good friends for a long time, even when we first met at Team SOAR training. Thanks for ALL the gifts you have given me. I love you!!
Hurricane Dean said…
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Hurricane Dean said…
Good afternoon Madamoiselle Gariepy,

My residual nonconformist streak has had me resist doing this all day, but since it's around the time when I'm normally in your store and , since I've learned more about love than I used to know, I'll play along. (Alot of stuff for the phsychiatrist in there!)

Memories, most of our memories have been less about locations and sharing activities, than sharing ideas and understanding each other. Over the time, though I've probably offended and/or irriatated you 150 times, I've experienced a certain je ne sais quoi that was a sense of similarity that didn't come from having the same backgrounds, philosophies, or viewpoints (because you know we didn't share any of those things!), but from an intangible something that I'm sure you have an explanation for that I disagree with! Lol.
Thanks for the experience of getting to know you.
Enjoy your day, and I pray that you continue to experience finer and finer purities of Love.

Happy Birthday!!!
Verena said…
Dear Nicole,

On October 3rd, 2004, I read your very first post on AS.

It's hard to believe it was almost 5 years ago. Since that day, I have seen you grow, fall but always stand up to move forward and become the amazing woman, dedicated activist and fearless spirit you were always meant to be.

It has been a privilege to be a witness to your journey and I hope to be able to continue to celebrate your many achievements and birthdays to come.

Happy Birthday!
liz said…
K ,keeping it short... as it is, after all, 6am and I am about to drop "YES I AM" ;) see you tonight...
Anita said…
Comrade, just keep swimming. You are approaching the wide open skies of the rest of your life, and you have some excellent plans in place for a good start. I am honored to know you and feel that we were meant to connect here. Where we will reconnect will probably be all over the place. That's what gypsies do.

I admire your gumption, sweetie, and also the fact that you are willing to totally redefine yourself. Thanks for sharing your "trip" with me, as it gives me insights into my own perceptions of things. May our lives cross paths again and again. And may we find new lightning-bolt epiphanies to keep us from getting too lazy.

(But don't forget to take a good nap now and then....keeps the skin healthy.)

I love you and your exuberant sparkling spirit...Happy Birth-day.
Papi aka Peter said…
You're Fired. love Papi.had a great time on the BD sail..........

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