I put on pants for this?

I'm having a lazy Sunday. I am also beating myself up about it because I so enjoy my Sundays when I wake up EARLY and get a lot accomplished, then head to the beach for a leisurely afternoon, then still have most of the day to do whatever I want. That didn't happen today but that is okay (note to self: REALLY SELF, IT IS OKAY). Instead, I spent most of the day in bed, napping and nursing a very sore shoulder that I must have slept on funny. Or something.

I was standing in my kitchen when I noticed the oddest light coming in through the window. I assumed it was just that the streetlights had gone on and it was not yet dark so the combination of odd-streetlight light and the only slightly darkened sky was causing the borderline creepy lighting in my otherwise unlit kitchen. So I looked out the window and instead of seeing what I expected to see, I saw pink elephants pink puffy clouds that looked like something really fake or cotton candy. The clouds were SO.COOL. that I ran to my bedroom to put on pants so I could go outside and take a picture of how friggin' amazing the clouds looked and instead I ended up in the sundress I was going to wear last night but opted for jeans instead because the dress made me look fat was not the most flattering. By the time that was settled, I grabbed the camera to head outside and the awesome pink elephant clouds looked less awesome than I remembered and I was totally bummed! So I took a picture anyway and enhanced the color a bit until the picture on my screen looked the same way the picture in my head did. I'm not even on mushrooms, honest.

What really happened here is that I got carried away with PSP but thought this looked really cool.

This is actually how I think it looked, but the clouds were still more pink, and puffy, like the stuffing that might live inside a stuffed pink elephant. Or something.

EDIT: I still think the first picture is more accurate.

The good news is I really didn't put on pants for this.


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