Love is...

I am growing disenchanted with the numerous emails I receive from the astrology site on which I read about the stars, planetary alignment and generally my daily horoscope. Somehow I find myself on their mailing list for love & romance. With would-be catchy subject lines like, "Nicole, win him back!", "Nicole, is he thinking about leaving you?", "Nicole, has he moved on?", "Nicole, will you be together again?" Hmmm... Who the hell is HE? And no thanks, not likely, hope so and hope not.

I have never been a believer in there being a bigger plan where love is concerned, but that may be just me, the broken, cynical belladonna I have so often been likened to. I believe in love, sure - true deep amazing love - but I don't believe in soul mates or the idea that one perfect person will complete us. I am whole and fine and well without another person in my life, and I most certainly don't believe that planetary alignment, astrology or time/ place of birth influences the reality of love in my life. I just don't, and I am okay with that.

So I had to laugh at this picture on that same website this morning, because even I was taken away with the beautiful fantasy of it all upon first glance. Pictures, ideas, fairy tales and movie plots flood our minds and skew our perception of love. That's right, when we achieve this purity and beauty, and are surrounded by white light, a handsome man will come along to hoist us onto a pedestal. Yay.


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