Manic Monday Meets the Number Seven

When I go for SO LONG without blogging, I really don't even know where to begin once I am back on the blogging bandwagon. This past month has been full of more interesting, crazy, fun, sexy, cool and completelyeffedup stuff than most of the other 347ish months of my life. Some of it planned, some of it unexpected, some of it totally surprising and some of it beyond my wildest dreams. I kinda like it. Perhaps that means I get crazier with age, PFFT... that's a given isn't it? Soooo, since it is the seventh month, my life goes in seven year cycles and seven is one of my lucky numbers, I will give you fourteen headlines of the past month (that is seven times two for those out there who aren't mathematicians), seven good and seven bad. Or something like that, I may or may not stick the set guidelines. In fact, I am thinking more along the lines of seven things I did and seven things I didn't do since my last blog post. And you know what, maybe YOU will have to be the judge of which ones I did and didn't do. So it is like an interactive blog post! How fun... you're welcome.

Things I did or did not do, month of July to date:

1. Kissed a 44 year old lesbian pilot named Nicole.
2. Took the biggest leap of faith of my life.
3. Went skydiving (not to be confused with #2).
4. Painted with watercolors by candlelight.
5. Closed the doors to the business I have had for seven years. Phew.
6. Felt ecstatic.
7. Had nervous breakdown (aka, did not feel ecstatic)
8. Watched a German Sheppard continuously try to fit a third tennis ball in his mouth while already having two in there, dropping one and getting the new one, to have only two in his mouth, and then again going for the one he just dropped. again. and again.
9. Had sex with a gay man.
10. Finally killed ALL the AA batteries in my house, teehee.
11. Decapitated my cat.
12. Shot a gun.
13. Had a dinner date with a man who is not a complete psycho.
14. Did a colon cleanse (gnarly)

The title of this post reminds me of one of my favorite ever books, The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein - which is not about orgasms contrary to what it may seem - I thought it was too and was totally weirded out when my mom gave it to me like 4 years ago. Here is the story, I'm feeling generous today. You're welcome.


jks said…
All understandable except two: what happened to the poor cat? And how are you going to make a living now?
Nicole said…
I really did all but three of these things. Then four are subject to interpretation. The cat is still alive, and has its head, and I have been nowhere near a gun (or a parachute).

As for money, I was considering prostitution - OHWAIT, that was what my last form of employment entailed. Starving artist or die...

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