Moving Beyond Words

This incredible article from the New York Times was brought to my attention recently, and though much of the information in it was familiar to me, I found its presentation incredibly moving and powerful. As I read, I began to tear up, as I read further, tears flowed freely from my eyes and down my cheeks and my heart ached. It reminded me of the reasons I am a feminist, activist, advocate and work with, and in support of, organizations which seek to help and empower women in this country as well as others.

It is frustrating to me that feminism still has a negative connotation and that so many women perpetuate that and the perceived non-issue of gender inequity out of ignorance. This article illustrates the incredible power of women and the abhorrent injustice and significant loss in the mis or dis-use of all that women throughout the world have to offer. In the US, feminists still protest and rally for equal pay, fight against sexual and domestic assault and attempt to bring light to the reality that at the end of the day, women are still regarded and treated as second class citizens. Being treated as second class citizens, however, means something totally different in countries such as those described in this article. In the words of Gloria Steinem (the inspiration for this post title), "The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn."

This is a reminder to me that there is more I want and need to do in this life, the drive to make a difference, or at least work towards making one, is so strong for me. I have felt it, heard the calling, yet ignored it for years, making one excuse or another. Empowering women is something I feel the need to do, and have begun to on a small scale in my life already. I have the fight and the passion inside me, and hope to use my creative ways to inspire, educate and empower. We all have the power to make a difference, whether on a small or large scale. Incredible acts and everyday miracles are needed; great and small, near and far, here and now.

The article, and my reaction to it, reminded me of Sarah McLachlan's inspiring music video for her song "World on Fire". I first saw the video during an early morning elliptical session years ago, during which I continued my workout, with tears streaming down my face as I experienced today, and the same aching in my heart and soul. Instead of actually creating a costly music video, Sarah recorded her own video, donating the would be production expenses to various world organizations. Incredible, amazing, inspiring. Sarah has always been one of my favorite artists, for all these reasons and more.

The video is here.

The list of the donations and recipient charities can be seen here.

Hasn't the time come for moving beyond words and ideas?


TerryC said…
It does my heart good to see your passion for life and your compassion for those less fortunate.

And also to not take everything that we have for granted. :-)
TerryC said…
"Hasn't the time come for moving beyond words and ideas?"


Talk is cheap. Lip service is all we get in these parts, which is why we need to live our convictions.

And it's also why I love our new President. Oh and it's why those conservative republicans are soooo scared.

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