Stellar Sundays and Magic Mondays

Simple pleasures are captivating me once again. Considering my financial state these days, that is a good and necessary thing. Before too long I will be working again and not have the luxury of time to enjoy and take in the beautiful things that unemployment is currently affording me. This is really such a beautiful island, and I will truly miss it when I am gone, but I know the time is coming for me to move on. Before I do however, I am taking in the things that my ridiculous work schedule never allowed for. Appreciating and fully experiencing the beauty of this island, in the physical and the overall character and energy.

Sunday was a day filled with Caribbean breezes and blues, laughter and smiles, love and delight. Ecstasy. Life is funny sometimes, sometimes it is perfect, but it is always just right. A drive alongside the water in a convertible with the top down, hair freely whipping in the wind, felt more like a movie or car commercial than reality. The fantastic blues of the sky accented with various cloud formations invoked my inner 2 year old. I smiled and giggled, and regarded the sky with the wide-eyed excitement of a young child. Little Nikki indeed came along for the ride.

Monday began also with wide-eyed excitement, the promise of a new day and week, and the impending opportunity for artistic greatness. It was artsty-fartsy play day, chez schoyer. I accomplished a few fun pieces, just really beginning to get the creative juices flowing, and flow they did. After pulling a shift with Steph, I packed up my vehicle and headed out, with three new collage style mixed media pieces in tow, and glitter, glue, magazine scraps and pencil shavings now adorning my fingers, arms, hair and sundress. I think Little Nikki was a guest artist today.

The bliss I feel is beyond amazing and I must remind myself that I can enjoy these things as much as I do. No more waiting for something to go wrong, or the other shoe to drop. This is really it, this is really my life. and i prefer not to wear shoes anyway.


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