Banna and Beach Hippies

It had been awhile since I have been out in a social setting. Not only have I not been so inclined, but finances have not allowed for much more than the necessities lately. Of course I do enjoy the occasional splurge on some extra-curricular activities, and having been a slave to a Saturday morning work schedule for years, a Friday night out without fear of the painful Saturday morning wake-up sounded like a great way to wind down the week. The good friends, new and old, good music and a splash of Cruzan Rum didn't hurt either (except slightly in the head region this morning).

So after a power nap and some getting pretty time, I picked up The Man and drove into town where we met up with a new island friend, a recent transplant from Fort Collins, CO, who is after only three weeks leaving STX in favor of a pretty nice gig over in STJ. For once, at the Brew Pub, I knew no one sitting at the bar and only a couple of people who were there at all, bartenders included! The price I pay for being a homebody lately I suppose, but that is a price I am willing to pay.

Then it was onto Mahi's at Chenay Bay for a little Kurt Schindler and a lot of fun. Earlier in the day a friend's Facebook status, "crazy drunk dancing in the sand to kurt @ mahi's..." conjured up great images of an idyllic island evening and reality did not disappoint. Though it was a small crowd, it was a good one, full of familiar friendly faces and genuinely happy people. We took our cocktails out onto the pier where we would remain for the night, enjoying good conversation with the friends who would trickle in and out, and the uppity twang of Kurt's guitar in the background. Chatting with Mr. Fort Collins and listening to his assessment of island life, I was able to see my island again through new eyes. These days I am truly appreciating the beauty around me, and it still makes me proud to call this island my home, when I see the wonder and amazement that newbies find here.

The night continued with more great conversation, laughter and tears, love and light. There was talk of turtles and birds and we were even paid a visit by a night heron. Moonlight danced on the water as we danced by the water's edge. There was stargazing and moon discussions, planning of future lunar events and shooting stars. Magic all around.

The night ended with Kurt's classic, "Banna" and by the time our little pier club decided to head home, the bar had already been closed down. We left behind the gently lapping waves, Cheshire cat-like moon, mystical cloud formations, skyfull of dazzling stars and headed our separate ways. Magic moments, time spent with friends, comfort, honesty, peace and love.

Just another day in paradise :)


Wreggie said…
I wish I could see Kurt. Very good descriptions Nicole.
The Man said…
A lovely evening indeed. That was the first time out in quite a while now that I think about it. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, some never make it out at all, such as my roommates. Eventually I'll get them to breakdown, maybe.
That was my first Kurt experience. An unfortunately short one because he was cut off at 11pm. I thought I escaped such tyrannical things by leaving MA, but I guess not. We'll just have to go to another venue.
Sitting on the dock of the cay was enjoyable. Listening to Mr. Fort Collins was great. I hope his move to STJ went well and the seas weren't too rough. I couldn't imagine many worse things than a hungover ferry ride.
The magic (both people and nature originated) never ceases to amaze me here. All one needs to do is look around and there it is.
Nicole said…
Not your first Kurt experience! You may remember another M A G I C A L evening known as Bootzapalooza. Oh yes, Kurt was playing that night, and enjoy we did :)

However, a rainforest trip maybe in order to see him while company is in down next month. A great island experience as well.
TerryC said…
A bunch of drunk sweaty people! I used to love it too, but I'm over it now.

Now, I prefer peaceful, quiet star-filled nights on the beach, or even on the pool deck. And I can take one drunk sweaty person, but not loads of them ;) .

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