A horse of a different color

Messy art Mondays with Steph have inspired me to take journaling to a new level. I have been an avid blogger since 2007 or so, a "semi-private" online journaler since 2004 and have chronicled life in writing as far back as I knew how. Anyhow, I recently found my journals from as far back as age 16-17, fascinating stuff, I tell ya. The discovery of such journals coincided with my receipt of a pair of books, If I'd Known Then and What I Know Now, both compiled and edited by Ellyn Spragins. The former is a book of letters from women in their 20's and 30's to their younger selves, and the latter, more mature women write letters to themselves in their early adult years. 17 was a pivotal year for me, perhaps 17 year-old Nicole needs a letter from 29 year-old Nicole.

I've always felt the intense need to express myself, and that expression was artistic in its many manifestations. After playing with some collage style things over the past few weeks, along with some outside inspiration, I decided to decorate one of my drawing pads, to make a fun and inviting, real life space for my thoughts, an art journal. I guess artists have been doing this for many years, as I found in my online research. So it isn't a brilliant and innovative idea, but it sure is fun and freeing!

Yesterday as I ripped and cut and glued and arranged, I lost myself in a magical place where the rest of the world disappeared. I know that place well, and I am reveling in all the more time I now have to spend there. I've challenged myself to a month of art, striving to create one artistic thing each day for the month of September. I am doing pretty well so far with my list of projects already including choreography, jewelry, poetry, collage, mixed media and somethings just indescribable.


The Man said…
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The Man said…
I'd say you are doing very well at maintaining your artistry pact. Some of the products of it were good enough to be exachanged for money. I look forward to producing my art. They will be delicious and add to the gathering of friends. The hard part will be waiting 6 months for the mead to be ready to drink.

I was finally able to track down my old blog/journal today. Some of the posts have real jems of wisdom in them. I swear some of the earlier ones are missing and were especially good. Oh well, the wisdom is still with me today and that's the important thing. One of my favorites is the one where I got hit in the head playing mini-golf. couturesteve.blogspot.com if you care to read it, August 23rd is the entry referenced.
Nicole said…
And many of them have already been exchanged for money! Okay, two of them.

I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your writings, so much there... I'd reference my favorites, but that would take forever. The right things will come up in conversations at the right time. Great minds really do think alike.

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