Pictures from Past Lives

I've been many things in past lives, one of these is a jeweler/ jewelry designer. Maybe not literally in past lives, but in parts of this current one that seem like ages ago and lifetimes away, and sort of like in past life regression, snapshots and soundbytes of our current lives can remind us of those past. Lately pieces of my past lives have been coming back, I wouldn't say to haunt me, but to hang around and no doubt tell me something. What that all means is NOT going to find its way to this public space, but I will share some of the flashbacks.

Me with one of many Daily News "Best of the VI" Awards

I ended up going through old pictures this week, during this horrid creative block I was experiencing. I found some pictures of my original jewelry creations, and they made me smile. My wearable art has brought smiles and happiness to many people, myself included. I remember I once had such a difficult time parting with each new work, pieces I had nurtured from conception to birth, not yet ready to let them out into the world. Eventually, I began to take as much pleasure and joy in selling a really wonderful piece to someone who truly appreciated it. That was one of the best parts of that job. So yes, in my most recent past life, I was a jeweler. Of course I still am, though I argue that with anyone who accuses me of being such a thing. Last week I borrowed some time in a friend's jewelry workshop to put some finishing touches on a repair for a friend. After we were both done our projects for the day, we went to lunch, where my friend boasted that she had a "guest artist" in her studio that day. What? Where? Who?ME? Oh yeah, I am an A R T I S T. How quickly we forget.

So I dug up some old photos of some of my favorite pieces, all of which have found fabulous and deserving homes. Fortune, fame, recognition and awards weren't enough for me I guess, because truly, there is no price that can be put on my art. The best thing I ever got in return for a piece of my artwork was the smile and genuine thank you of my customers. No, I still will never be a retail jeweler again - at least not in this life, I think...

18kt yellow gold ripple texture bezel ring with 9ct Brazilian citrine

Banded Druzy Agate pendant in 14kt white gold

Blue flash moonstone and Australian opal slide

Matte 14kt gold green Brazilian tourmaline earrings with diamond

Pink sapphire and diamond wire wrap ring in 14kt white gold

Laguna agate with druzy pocket, 14kt yellow gold

18kt yellow gold heavy bracelet with custom cut larimar and blue topaz


The Man said…
Funny that I chose today to go over previous posts in your blog. You are not only talented, you are also versatile in your arts. It's nice to be good at one thing, but to be good at many is much more fun. I like the wire wrap ring especially, the curves are intriguing. I'm not feeling up to par with my words, which are usually softer than the smoothest spun silk(except that...I liked that grouping of words). Perhaps the babbling on Saturday started it or was a sign of it.
Nicole said…
And you would know about being good at many things :)

I hope I didn't give you my awful word-shortage and communication issues of last week. Perhaps we can continue to blame Mercury, at least for another day.

The wire wrap ring, like the piece in the blog post you mentioned earlier, was one in which I allowed it to simply take shape in my hands, no planning, full spontaneity. The others were all planned to some extent.

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