Playing tourist on my island

On St. Croix, we often jokingly complain about making the trek to Frederiksted from east, Christiansted, or even mid-island, a drive which is at most, with traffic, about a 15-20 minute one. A few weeks back, I knew I had to make this long journey to make a delivery, so I decided to be efficient and combine this errand with a lunch date with my leading man while all the way out in this foreign land. We had a great lunch on the waterfront in downtown Frederiksted, looking out over the pier and brilliantly sparkling Caribbean Sea, at newish and fab internet cafe, Polly's. Having not been out there in ages, the view and laid back sleepiness of Frederiksted were a welcome change of pace and scenery. Definitely worth the trip!

I've said it many times that there are views and landscapes on this island that still take my breath away, even after living here as long as I have. Snapshots that look as though they should grace the pages of a glossy paradise calendar or the front of a postcard from a tropical vacation. Oh yeah, I DO live in a tropical paradise. That doesn't suck.

Enjoying Frederiksted's sleepier than usual holiday vibe, we played tourist sitting along the water's rocky edge, strolling down the palm lined sidewalk and venturing out on the water on the cruise ship pier. It was a beautiful day with rich blue skies and dazzling color everywhere.

Looking back on St. Croix from the far point of the pier, the hills were lush and the historic downtown area looked picture perfect. The clean streets and superbly designed waterfront (renovated a handful of years back) definitely give Christiansted a run for its money. Gimme Frederiksted baby, I guess west is the best!

Skyward view of palms.

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." - Leonardo da Vinci


Steve said…
Champagne welcome home was an excellent idea. The location made it perfect. Playing tourist is something everyone should do. I went on a Duck Boat tour in Boston a few years back while living there, and it was great. It was fun seeing the city view from the Charles River. A part of the plan of having all my family and friends visit is to remind myself what this island has to offer. So far, I'd say I don't need much help there. Another part is seeing the look of wonderment on their faces will remind me of my reaction the first time I visited Sandy Point or the view while driving South Shore Rd. We are all tourists on this crazy little planet.
Nicole said…
"We are all tourists on this crazy little planet."

Love it! Indeed we are... and it's great to have awesome people to share these experiences with.
The Man said…
I like this Steve guy. I dig his style and he's good looking :)

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