Signs, signs everywhere there's signs... except here

Recently, as I found myself driving around the island, doing probably some sort of errands that made me feel like a productive human being despite their arbitrary nature, I was thinking, pondering and attempting to solve the world's problems. Or I may have been thinking about my life.

For awhile now I have had tentative plans for the next step I take, several options really, but for various reasons, the next step is still a bit far in the distance, at least the next major step. In the meantime, I have much to do around here in order to make the graceful transition into my next lifetime that I insist upon. The right choice has always made itself clear to me at the right time, and I am trusting that this will happen for me again. Oftentimes though, I become frustrated with the lack of forward motion, or motion at all. I hate feeling like I am standing still, or just treading water, I like accomplishing things, even when the accomplishments are small ones.

So I was driving around the island, as I mentioned sentences and paragraphs ago, and thinking that I needed to make a decision, a choice, and start working specifically towards that particular goal. I sort of put it out there that I need some help in that department, asking the universe for a sign of some sort - I am generally quite good at recognizing them. I stop at an intersection and casually look around to see if it was my turn to stop or go.... and that is when I saw the signs - five of them, all with their backs to me. Seriously. I saw five traffic signs, of the stop, JCT, speed limit etc... variety. Facing the other way. I couldn't help but laugh! Sorry Nicole, you don't get any help with this one, you are totally on your own. Ha!

I can deal with that, I welcome challenges and appreciate the freedom of choice. I tend to rebel against set-in-stone decisions and ideas anyway, especially regarding my own life - self sabotage or something, but that is a topic for another post. I am glad the universe has a sense of humor, and that I can recognize it.


TerryC said…
Oh yes, the universe has a fabulous sense of humor.
The Man said…
I like to go against the grain. I will pretty much do the opposite or something completely different when something becomes a trend or popular. I guess I just like to walk my own path. I've just recently gotten over the inability to order the same meal as someone when eating out.

Signs don't usually pop out for me, it more frequently tends to be close friends who make a suggestion and then the optimal fit for that suggetion finds me. I like the way it works...which I guess is a kind of sign, so, whatever it is, I dig it.
Nicole said…
I agree, that is pretty much what I meant by a sign, it is rare that I have ever received a blatant, in-your-face kind of literal sign, though there have been those times... The signs I see/ receive are subject to interpretation - my personal interpretation, and come from various people and things. It is kind of cool, like a mystery to solve. I dig it.
Wreggie said…
I see the Beast is all trimmed up.

It will come to you and you will move rapidly when it becomes apparent.

Now...I'm going to send these electrons out for you to cool.
Hurricane Dean said…
Very interesting observation. Striking in context. The funy thing is that everytime I've ever encountered the scenario where all of the signs had their backs to me, was when I was going the wrong way on a one way! Now since I know that's repugnant let me rephrase. When I was travelling in the opposite direction of the one I am expected/permitted to be traveling on that road. And in my mind I realize that I must proceed at my own risk, because there's likely to be something perilous headed your way if you decide not to turn around!
Whatever that's worth, I love metaphors, so it was good for me!

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