Sunsets and Speechlessness

Well, this creative blockage I'm experiencing isn't making me feel very good about myself or the world around me. Sometimes the artist's eye is clouded and the vision blurry, and though I know it happens to all of us a times it doesn't make me feel any better about my capabilities as an artist. Or a human being.

I did embark on a lovely island drive yesterday ending up watching one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in awhile from Off the Wall at Cane Bay. The day was so brilliantly clear that I could see the other islands in the distance more clearly than I have in ages. Houses and buildings were visible as I drove along the windy roads of the island's North Shore. As I have come to expect from Crucian Summer, the skies were rich blue with perfect clouds and the hills were a hearty green, but even surrounded by such beauty, something was missing inside me. I am uninspired, even by the things that usually make me want to create, and it is a strangling and suffocating feeling, quite literally. The most open of spaces cannot provide enough space for me, and the freshest of air is not fresh enough. Or, as I have been told before, nothing is ever good enough for me. Perhaps that is true, but perhaps I refuse to settle. I am on a quest, a journey for new inspiration. Perhaps a change of scenery is necessary. A change of something is necessary.

Since apparently a picture is worth a thousand words, a couple beautiful photos should express at least something.

Sunset at Off the Wall.


TerryC said…
Aren't we funny creatures?

We go along in life, day after day, year after year. We do fun things, we're happy, bad things happen, we're sad.

Sometimes, even when we have more (stuff, experience, friends - whatever)than we've ever had before, we're still not happy.

It's been called the "human condition". And philosophers have been discussing it forever. (Go ahead, Google it)

As with everything, any of our emotional states are temporary. We can dwell on them and become fixated, or we can get off our butts and do something, anything to pass the time until the next emotional state happens.

In our "advanced" civilization, that usually means buying something or taking a mind-altering substance.

But still, the "happy" emotion is fleeting. We'll need more and more "stuff" or more and more of the "happy pill".

Once in a while, we realize that for the most part, everything we actually need has been given to us and it is up to us to make it work. (Enlightenment! - but again, on the rare occasions when it happens, it is fleeting)

Most of the time, though, we just buy more stuff, and eat or drink more, or watch a stupid mindless TV show.....

Living an inspiring life is art, as far as I'm concerned.

You inspire people with your dancing and your writing.

Inspiration may also come and go, but something that touches our hearts and souls is more meaningful than the short bursts of fluff we get from the stuff of modern life.

(Wow, I'm not sure if I meant to take up that much space on your blog.....sorry)
The Man said…
Settling is not an option. I've had it pretty good many a times. I've even felt crazy leaving some good situations, but I knew that there was something else out there I needed to experience. A tough one recently was leaving Hanover High School, and if it wasn't for my time now on St. Croix, I would think about putting it on my short regrets of life list, which itself may or may not exist. Sometimes we have to dive into ourselves and check out what's happening, maybe hit a reset button along the way. The cycles vary for each person. As one of my favorite people told me, "Just as we can see further into the forest during winter, we can see further into ourselves as we enter the winter of our life." The winter may be a day, maybe two, maybe a year. One thing is certain, spring always follows winter.

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