Beach-ventures with Barbie and Brady

It was a bad day at the beach for Barbie. Poor thing. I came across her during a Ha'penny trip the other day. And BOY was I glad I had my camera! Of all the things I have see on on the beach this week, this one sort of took the cake. There was also a very nice and new looking brassiere hanging on one of the trees and one of those big wooden spool like things tipped on its side like a table, complete with blue FEMA tarp table cloth, a small empty flower vase and matching tea cup. Sadly, it seems there is more litter on the beach these days than usual, mostly washed ashore, but much of it obviously from beach goers. I thought about bringing some garbage bags with me on my next visit, but someone beat me to it! A young man I often see walking the beach was there yesterday with a box of garbage bags and rubber gloves. I gave him an extra big smile and thumbs up when I said my good morning. Hopefully he knew it was kudos for the trash cleanup, hmmm...

Since a few people have freaked me out about going to Ha'penny alone (when there are no other people on the beach) and since my vehicle has been burglarized there in the past, I found a new beach companion this week. This is Brady, he's a Catahoula, still a pup at 2 years old and a great beach dog, a good friend and pretty much all around awesome.

Brady is too much fun on the beach and on our first excursion I ran with him, threw sticks, splashed around a bit and even tackled him. Everything at the beach is a source of pure fun and excitement for Brady, I can sort of imagine his internal monologue going something like this, "beachYAY! waterYAY! wavesYAY! sandYAY!stickYAY! seaweedYAY! stinkydeadthingsYAY! playYAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!" (and repeat). It was great and we've gone every morning since, how I have missed my early morning walks on the beach! At that time of day everything looks, feels and smells fresh and new, all the promise and hope of a brand new day. The sun climbing higher in the sky spills brilliance over the ocean like a thousand tiny diamonds, summer skies are crisp and blue and all the colors just seem much cleaner at that time of day. After the two mile trek and other activities, the water is the perfect temperature for a cool down dip. We've also already made friends with some of the other early morning beach visitors, a sweet couple, the French lady with her dogs, a pair of women who walk the beach together and the man who rides his horse on the beach daily.

I was a little too tired yesterday to play fetch, and actually, I was dragging ass down the beach as the poor pup looked at me wondering where the fun girl from the day prior went, and took it upon himself to find a stick and some entertainment. The small ones I select to throw for him amuse him, as I am sure my girlie throws do, but always looking for a challenge, he tries his damnedest to pick up every piece of driftwood on the beach, regardless of size/ width or any sort of attachment. A good lesson in never say can't. Brady makes me smile, we should all aspire to be as happy as dogs. YAY!


The Man said…
That is a pretty good summary of Brady's thoughts. As I have said before, I am happy and glad that you have spent such quality time with Brady. He is a special dog and is a great reminder of the joys of life. Reading your tales of him warmed my heart and got my eyes producing a little extra water because I love my boy.

He just squeaks into being a Libra as well, so I've got to get him some special treats to celebrate his birthday month. It also marks a year that I've had him.
TerryC said…
Dogs rock!

And so do you!

(Poor Barbie)
Lisle said…
As far as the Barbie goes, did you call CSI? Looks like a crime scene to me.

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