Quality Control Anyone?

I am a perfectionist, there are many reasons for this. Actually, let's say that I am a recovering perfectionist. I used to devote a lot of time and energy to making sure everything I was, did, touched and created was, as close as humanly possible to, PERFECTION. Boy was that exhausting! As I perfectionist, I was rarely happy. How could I be? Perfection is not exactly an achievable goal and the perfectionist sadly sets themselves up for failure. There eventually came a time in my life where attempting to attain perfection in my many worlds was JUST.NOT.POSSIBLE. I struggled, became immensely frustrated, fought, cried and eventually surrendered.

I let go. It was a beautiful thing.

I learned valuable lessons through my failed perfectionism including the art of surrender and how to deal with not always being in control of every situation. I learned that there were some things I would rather not waste my time and energy on and found better things to direct it towards. I see many of my friends who also have that perfectionist trait and often feel sorry for those who have not yet let go. Like anything else there is a balance to be struck. That balance however, is not always easy to obtain. Attention to detail is a good thing, it is necessary, especially in most of the things I do (ballet, jewelry manufacturing, writing, gemstone grading and identification) but it can quickly evolve (or devolve?) into perfectionism, if I am not careful.

Today I came across this:

It shocked me! It is the back of the package of glitter glue I treated myself to this week, and as I was reading, I came across this typo. Yes, we have all done it in our typing haste, but really? This slipped by Crayola's quality control, and into the hands of children of all ages, across the country. Damn! I guess I had come to expect more from these companies. Apparently quality control just isn't what it used to be.


TerryC said…
You'da thunk there spill cheek woulda cawt that.
The Man said…
When you let go, you open yourself to the infinite possibilities of the universe. Take what you want, leave what you don't want. It's pretty good, look where it has gotten me so far :) I'm fortunate that perfection hasn't been something I've had to battle with much and things work out well for me, which may bother the perfectionist. To that I just smile, say "yup" and shrug my shoulders.

It's a beautiful thing.

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