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This week, my friend and fellow blogger Reggie aka Wreggie, blogged about moving fast and some comments he got from the locals while walking through Christiansted on his most recent trip to the island. I heard similar comments for years when I had my business in town, the "townies" and taxi drivers always telling me to slow down, ease up, and other such comments. I was once called "heavy foot", but I think they meant hot foot. It's how I move, I like to get where I am going and I like to get things done, sure there are times when I slow down a bit, but for the most part I move pretty quickly and I'd like to think efficiently.

So I had a few missions to accomplish this week, and after a late start on Monday, I got a really early start on Tuesday and headed out to the motor vehicle bureau to replace my lost driver's license. I had been there the previous afternoon, but for one reason or another, getting the whole process finalized didn't happen. This is typical of dealing with government agencies on St. Croix, oftentimes the process we must go through to get things done is just ridiculous and seemingly counterproductive, but I have come to accept all of that. The art of surrender in action, I know nothing I do is going to make anyone move faster or make any exceptions for me (although there was an instance of exactly that on Monday at the Health Department - I felt like I had won the lottery) so I bring a book, follow directions and plan to spend a long time waiting, that way, no matter what happens I'm pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

So, when I get to the BMV yesterday, minutes after they open for the morning, I see that the notary who is usually there, was not. I needed her to notarize the paper saying that I lost my driver's license, apparently my word is not good enough - but seriously, would I really come to BMV if I didn't really need to? Nope. So, in an attempt to optimize my time, I left and decided to run some errands and come back hopefully once the notary arrived. I ran to K-mart and put gas in my car, and then stopped by a different notary, not wanting to take a chance on the notary at BMV still not being there. That was probably a good stop, because the nice lady behind the window needed me there to kill the gigantic centipede that walked its hundred jointed legs through the door while she notarized my paper. The man sitting in the waiting room looked helplessly at me and grunted with a frightened look as it moved eerily over the tiles (those things creep me out with the way they move), so I swooped in and saved the day - though not for the 'pede. The lady and waiting room guy both made excuses about why they couldn't have killed the 'pede and I just stood up a bit taller, boasting of my centipede killing experience and emphasizing the necessity of it, after living alone for so long. I still remember my first solo kill, damn thing wiggled its way under the door of my Mary's Fancy apartment and I realized that it was up to me, no man around to kill centipedes for me anymore, and I sure as hell wouldn't sleep a wink knowing one of those things was crawling around my place. So I came to terms with it. Centipedes must die.

So then back to BMV, where the no longer necessary notary had arrived. I slide my paperwork through the window at the lady who speaks softly knowing full well that I can't hear her with the noise in the now crowded waiting room, telling me to take a seat. Or so I assumed, I took a seat and opened my book. The security guard comes over to me, a nice middle aged man, slim, with a New York accent. He tells me that I need to slow down, that he saw me there the day before and earlier that morning, and had I just slowed down, and waited, I would have been able to take care of everything right then and there. I laughed and explained to him that while I was gone, I accomplished a few errands and used my time very efficiently. Then he laughed and asked how long I had lived on St. Croix. When I told him it had been 15 years he laughed again, his eyes widening. "Miss, moving that fast I would swear you've been here for about 5 days!" Nope, 15 years on island and I still move pretty fast. I like to get stuff done, there's just so much L I V I N G out there to do!


TerryC said…
Know kiddin', rite? (Ooops, that was the last post - or was it...)

Life is short!! To get upset about things we can't make work (control) will shorten it and cause some of our precious few moments here to be miserable.

But, if we can use moments that other people are wasting, we can come out ahead and have more "fun time" to PLAY!

PLAY? Playplayplayplayplay! Yay!
Nicole said…
That sounds like Brady talk!
Wreggie said…
Sometimes I force myself to slow down and try to enjoy life at that pace. This works for eating a good meal, having a great bottle of wine and sex.

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