Slowing Down and Simple Pleasures

Life has been hectic, busy, overwhelming at times - but wonderful. I have entered the restaurant worker world, as a server for the newly re-opened Cultured Pelican in Coakley Bay. The Pelican has always been my favorite restaurant on island, for many reasons, the food, the view, the ambiance... I consider myself truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work there, and especially to get in at the beginning of something so brand new and exciting! It was perfect timing, when the new owner and friend, Mitchell, approached me while I ate brunch at Rum Runners in Christiansted one day, hopelessly looking through the help wanted ads and offered me a job! So far, the Pelican has offered me new friendships and new knowledge in food, wine and fine dining. I am enjoying the lessons I am learning across the board. I truly love what I am doing and the hours certainly allow for more enjoyment of this beautiful island and for other exciting projects!

Today, I was able to slow down and enjoy life a bit again, since it is my day off (except for a wine class/ tasting at the Pelican this afternoon) I got up early and headed out to the beach this morning. It was absolutely perfect! The air has cooled, as has the water and the delicate Caribbean breezes have returned. Shoy's beach was not terribly crowded and I walked almost the length of the beach to my regular spot. After a little sunning and swimming, I decided on another treat for myself, a Schooner Bay salad. To my delight, when I got to the market, the salad fix-ins at the salad bar looked amazingly fresh, varied and delicious. It was my lucky day! I even had a great conversation with the lady in line ahead of me, as she complimented my salad and we expressed our happiness that Schooner is now using plastic containers instead of Styrofoam!

Good vibes all around, simple pleasures and everyday miracles. LIFE is good, and it is a beautiful day to be alive!


TerryC said…
Yay! Glad you had a good morning.

And the "plastic" containers at Schooner Bay Market are actually bio-degradable!
The Man said…
Nothing to argue about there, great things come to great people. I think the Sunday brunch view at Pelican is one that could be nominated for best view from work in the world. The wine class/tasting reminds me of when my friends used to have weekly wine tastings, they were great and aided in my wine knowledge immensely.

Plastics can be made from any oil. It's nice to see corn or vegetable oil based plastics hitting the market.
Doc said…
Simple pleasures are the best ones

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