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Clean Air

I have found that I am a person who is easily influenced by the energy of others. I pick up on vibes, if you will. I tend to acquire feelings of negativity, neediness, anxiety, fear, nerves and the like. Today, I found myself getting worked up during a "quick" stop at K-mart and felt like I had blown the positive mood I woke up in this morning. However, the moment I turned the corner on the road that takes me from the Sunny Isle area to South Shore Road, I felt immediately lighter. The sky was brilliant, the water becoming visible was sparkling, perfect clouds dotted the sky and the air just felt untainted by negative energy. The feeling was a familiar one, the turn onto South Shore road always makes me smile. I drive down the mostly straight, mostly smooth, quiet strip that takes me to Ha'penny beach, winding along the shoreline, music filling the air and the rush of the Caribbean air whipping through my open windows. It is my haven, my escape. My beach time makes the r…