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Nicole Time

It's kind of like "crucian time" defined by the Crucian Dictionary as "to be "on Crucian time" is to be late, often shockingly late (according to Stateside standards.) Certain events, like the annual Crucian Christmas Festival parade, are famous for starting several hours late. As the saying goes, "On St. Croix, if you're half an hour late, you're fifteen minutes early!"

Nicole time uses the same time format (approx. 15 minutes late) with different reasons. If I see I have 5 minutes before I have to leave to go somewhere, I look for a task to occupy those five minutes, wishing to utilize and maximize every moment efficiently. Of course the selected task to be completed in those five minutes is never one which takes five minutes and in the process of doing that one, I get distracted by another one that needs to be done, and so on and so forth. True story. And still it seems my to do list is never ending? I don't even have kids...

I open …