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Happy Friday

It has been a phenomenal week. I am happy, smiling. Life is good! Today I get to go to work and have a "play day"! This is what happens when I get to play:

Two play days in fact, today and tomorrow, as I have finished all my chores (repairs) and this island Cinderella can go to the ball (play with sparkly rocks and fancy metals). Of course this probably means that I will be bombarded with customers and no time to do my fun art jewelry projects as I anticipate. That's cool, I like making money. I like making art more though. I guess I really am an artist, that's why so many of us are starving and need to get jobs in our like-third-adopted-island-father's restaurant in order to buy groceries and gas. But you know what? I am happier than I have EVERBEENINMYLIFE!

Dream flashback: my landlords raised my rent again and I watched two airplane crashes. Hmmmmph.

I am probably a horrible cat-mommy, no, I pretty much know I am. I am never home, but cats are supposed to be inde…