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An Anniversary, and the Mind/ Body Connection

One year ago today, I drove myself to the hospital emergency room at 9am, thinking that my abdomen was about to explode. The weeks of extraordinary pain in my mid-section, ridiculous body swelling, horrid PMS-like symptoms and 15 pound weight gain, almost overnight, had finally become too much. I called my gynecologist, who was too busy to speak to me, I was in tears, barely able to talk through the pain and fear of not knowing what was going on with my body. The nurse/ secretary was rude and was very annoyed with my sobs and my cracking voice as she instructed me to go to the hospital emergency room. So I pulled myself together, grabbed a book and drove to the ER, calling my mother on the way. I then pulled over into the parking lot just before the hospital and broke down into a fit of snotty, teary, retching sobs. Again, I tried to compose myself and walked into the ER. Once inside, with all eyes on my and my swollen puffy face and eyes, the tears began again, I was just terrified, …