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Treating Myself...well

With yesterday being the one year anniversary of my visit to the hospital with a nearly-exploding ovary, I decided it was a good day to treat myself well. I began working on a piece of jewelry for myself, actually two of them, that I had started kicking around ideas for years ago. I finally mounted the gorgeous 30-something carat aquamarine cabochon that I had bought on a trip to St. Thomas when I was still married. I remember the excitement when I bought it, such a simple purchase that made me truly happy. Through the years I have pulled out the stone many a time, but have never found the perfect mounting for it. So, I made the bezel setting, thinking that would get me going. I wanted to wear it as a ring, but found information that Aquamarine is best worn close to the neck, so a pendant it became. Aquamarine is a stone of protection, safe travels over water, strengthening and filtering psychic abilities and overall balance. Perfect.
I also started to polish up a silver cuff bracelet…