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For my birthday...

Some of you may know, I do not like to accept birthday gifts, at least not material ones. Instead, I prefer to spend my birthday with people I love and the people who inspire me and have been important parts of my life over the years. YOU make the difference in my life. SO, for my birthday, this is the only thing I am asking for:

Leave me a comment to this entry, with a memory, compliment, comment, joke, inspiration, SOMETHING that we have done together, or something you want to tell me or say to me. The only thing I ask is that they be NICE things. Nasty comments will be deleted, hell it's my birthday and my blog. I can do that. They can be embarrassing and/ or funny, you should all know I have a sense of humor and am known to throw myself under the bus from time to time. Vibrator stories will grace the blog soon, so pretty much anything goes here. Just nothing that will get me arrested. Wasn't that better than spending money? Reminds me of a MasterCard commercial I once saw...


Now go!
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