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Today is a beautiful day to be alive

A week ago, as I drove around the island doing errands but stopping long enough for a short stint at the beach, I sent a text to a friend. It said, "it's a beautiful day to be alive." I had been stressed about uncertain details in my life, like moving, money, responsibilities and employment. The scenery that met my eyes and delighted my senses, lifted my spirits, and reminded me of the beauty of this life and this island.

Later that evening, I witnessed the horror of one human taking the life of another.

There is much talk that flies around on a small island such as this one, accusations, rumors, fear, anger but also support and love. I have lived on St. Croix for 15 years this week and I love my island just as much as ever. When crimes have happened, I have refused to run away or cower in fear. Each time it hits a little closer to home, I have remained, and still, that has not changed. The last week has been a tempest of emotions, but I have chosen to direct my focus t…